Great Harvest Bread
A Fresh Start
Our claim to fame is our whole wheat bread made from the world’s best bread-baking wheat. This high-protein, hard-red spring wheat from the plains of north-central Montana is stone-ground fresh daily on a mill right in our Longmont bakery! Nothing is added or removed, giving each loaf a rich wheat flavor and whole grain nutrition not possible with commercially produced flour. Each loaf is baked right in our stores by a real baker, not a technician in a lab coat, hard-hat and safety goggles! We are a low-tech, old-fashioned scratch bakery… we use only the freshest, finest, all-natural ingredients in all of our products, and we keep our recipes as simple as possible. Most importantly, we think you can taste the difference. ‘World’s best’ is a big boast, but we’re willing to back it up… belly up to the breadboard for a FREE slice and see if you don’t agree!

Great Harvest Bread of Longmont, Colorado
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